Give Everyone the Best Seat in the House!

Live stream event presentations direct to Delegates own mobile devices.
Now attendees can see everything, share with others and save instantly to their own devices.

Have your next event in style with Freestyle, a better vision for events!

Create Work Heroes

Create work heroes, those decisive people that work colleagues turn to for advice and information. It’s all about learning. Freestyle adds a new dimension to presentations and content sharing. Freestyle attendees can see everything on their own device, create notes that they can then share with everyone. Then all that collective work can be saved on their own mobile phone or tablet to action straight away. Enabling delegates to act on their motivation and impress their colleagues.

Innovate with Space

Surroundings help foster innovation, creativity and collaboration. Break the mould and innovate with space. Freestyle is the ultimate in wireless freedom. People can be anywhere and see things as they want, on their own Smart phone Tablet or PC. And if you still want to use big screens, that’s ok too.

Save Time & Money

Event planners are skilled project managers. But even for them getting the right content to the right delegate is a time-consuming  logistical headache.  Ease the pain and let Cosneta do it for you.  time and effort on the things that are important.. Last minute changes in content – no problem, Freestyle streams live, meaning that delegates get all the latest content. Now you can free up your staff from the tedious and enable delegates to choose the content they want.

Stay in Control

With Freestyle you are in control. Presenters can decide who can login, what can be saved and whether people can work together and share. You can even decide to run your meeting on-line or off-line (for ultimate security). Our efficient use of bandwidth means we can accommodate and run multiple groups, meetings or presentations.

Freestyle Features


A single touch connects you to the event. No technical skills, out of focus QR or lengthy logins needed.


Zoom in and see content as you want it.

Digital Whiteboard

Choose background colours and get creative to your hearts content.

Annotate & Text

Write, draw, mark-up and highlight, or chose a point on the screen and type.


Snapshot or video the screen session in the way you want. Freestyle will also automatically save everything on the screen whenever a page or slide is moved on.

Control Presentations

Hosts can launch presentations, change slides and use our virtual laser to highlight content without having to glance behind them to check which slide they're on!

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