3 Must Do Ways to Earn Attention for Your Event that Won’t Break the Bank!

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All the time and effort that goes into planning an event can quickly pale in comparison to the realisation that you need to actually encourage people to attend.

This can lead to something of a dilemma for many event planners: do you sacrifice some of the event’s budget to spend on marketing; or do you keep the money in the event and hope your target audience catch wind of what you’re planning by themselves?

Well, the truth is there’s a cost effective way of marketing any event, and you’re using it right now:

the internet. With so many readily available (and free) platforms to help you earn the attention of the very people you’d want to attend, you can focus on delivering the ideal experience for your attendees.

Here are three you simply must use.


Target the Inbox

Email marketing enjoys the best ROI of any cheap jerseys digital marketing channel. It can be highly targeted, unique, and personal, making it more effective than some of the “see what sticks” techniques used in social media marketing.

If you have an email database of previous attendees or registered attendees for your upcoming event, you can keep them engaged as the event draws nearer. Send them new information, announcements, logistical details such as how to travel to your event’s location, and even special offers. Encourage them to share the email with their friends and colleagues who may find value in attending the event too.

Email marketing is a low cost option that can reap huge wholesale nfl jerseys rewards, allowing you to generate buzz in the lead Heartbleed up to your event, and even convince those ‘fence sitters’ in your database to register and subsequently bolster attendance numbers.


Get Social

Before you embark upon a social media strategy you need to define what success looks like.

Measuring ROI for social can be incredibly tricky, and converting users from wholesale nfl jerseys casual “Likers” or “Followers” into customers is often difficult. In short, social media works best when you use it to ensure people are informed and excited about your event.

Grow your social media presence by claiming the available platforms and keeping them up-to-date. Get out in front of your event by curating your social media accounts well in advance of the event, sharing key pieces of information and mixed media content to create a buzz among your target audience.

The following is especially important in order to make social work for your event:

Create an official hashtag to keep all event-related posts together and searchable

Ensure your social media profiles are consistently branded and effectively managed

Create a content planner in advance of your event, with key dates highlighted (i.e. when early bird tickets go on sale, etc.)

Answer all enquiries and questions as soon as possible (ideally within 24 hours) and remain engaged throughout


Reach Out and Connect

Given we now live in the world of she&him the 24/7 news cycle, there’s no shortage of websites that actively crave content. Reach out to these sites with a ready-made Mandagumas press release and you may end up getting a mention or even a full article dedicated to your event. Plus it brings what you’re doing to the attention of a wider audience.

It would be prudent to research a few of these sites and target the ones which have a bit of a crossover in terms of demographics. For instance, if you are organising an event for cake makers, you ought to reach out to wedding bloggers, food bloggers, and mummy bloggers to help <a href="http://cosneta More about the”>Tremendous you get the word out.

What’s more, inviting some of them to your event for free in exchange for some post-event publicity can help you build relationships with these content creators, and make the whole process that little bit more straightforward next time around dyyhty6.

And the Technology major bonus of this technique, beyond the relevant coverage, is that the links you earn from other websites can actually boost your own website’s authority, helping you rank better in major search engines such as Google for keywords related to your event.

There you have it. The three things you simply MUST do to earn the attention of your event’s target audience. Have you tried any of these? Are there any we haven’t mentioned that you find particularly effective? Tell us on Twitter.