Top 5 Technology Trends for Event Planners

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The Top 5 Technology Trends Event Planners Should Pay Attention To

Hey there event planners.

We know you’re busy. Your head is figuratively whizzing around as the plates you keep spinning are just one wobble away from literally ruining your entire day.

You probably just want to make a nice cup of tea, escape the madness for five minutes, and read something easy such as  “19 things only event planners will understand. Number 4 will shock you to the very core!”

Well don’t read that (mostly because we just cheap mlb jerseys made it up) and instead read this:


There are key technological trends that are set to shake your industry to its very core.


Okay, perhaps we’re being a tad overdramatic, but there are strides being made in technology that will change things for events professionals, and it’s happening faster than ever before!


Here are the five tech trends in the events industry that we’re most excited about in 2016:


Big Data Collection

Not a single day goes by that we don’t hear about the impact of BIG data in the events industry. And for many events professionals, collecting that data will become a huge focus (and another in a long list of event KPIs).

As more information is collected in an increasingly digitized manner, event planners will be tasked with analysing and understanding this data to inform Skijanje their decision making wholesale mlb jerseys process.

Very soon you’ll be able to improve almost every facet of your event by digging deep into this data and pinpointing pain points like never before.

Augmented Reality

Remember when having a real-time Twitter feed running at your event was all the rage? Thanks to the breakthroughs being made with augmented reality (AR), the level of engagement expected at the events of the future will go way beyond sharing a hashtag and promising retweets.

The likes of Google’s Magic Leap will usher in a new medium of communication that events professionals will have to leverage, as visitors Sites will come to expect exciting, inspiring, and breathtaking content delivered via AR.

Digital Content

As more and more events <a href="http://www.motorrowbrewing order levitra online”>The delegates shout “no more paper!” we imagine you want to shout back

“Actually, that’s fine by us guys, saves us a to fortune on print costs!”

Well thanks to some really exciting innovations, cheap nfl jerseys we’re entering into a most welcome era of paperless conferences. Technology such as Freestyle will allow delegates cheap mlb jerseys to follow presentations at their own pace on their own Wi-Fi enabled devices, quickly and easily annotate slides, and collaborate with their colleagues in real time.

And not one sheet of paper in sight!

Registration Apps

Apps from the likes of Eventbrite and Event Check-in are seeing a steep growth Tea in popularity, with more events now using these than don’t. These apps allow event planners to manage reservations online for any type of event. And with options for online payment and tools to help market the event, the planning, management, and promotion cheap mlb jerseys can be consolidated into one handy platform.

Event professionals can also monitor attendance, and access eye-opening analytics to help measure the ROI of their events.

RFID Wristbands

RFID (that’s “radio-frequency identification”) wristbands are set to become even more prevalent in the events industry as a means of countering fraudulent and counterfeit tickets. The wristbands use electromagnetic fields to transfer data, with unique information used to identity attendees.

And these wristbands could also help event planners glean some of that much sought after data. By having a real time understanding of an accurate attendance, you could gain a valuable insight into popular (and not-so-popular) events.

There you have it. Five of the most exciting technological trends set to take the events edizione industry by storm in 2016 and beyond. Are there any you’re particularly looking forward to? Tell us on Twitter.

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