Effortless Experience

Simple, intuitive and easy to use.


Freestyle has been designed to maximise convenience for event organisers and presenters while providing event attendees with an intuitive and interactive event experience. Our unique service gives organisers, presenters and delegates the on-site experience that is the simplest way to connect and interact with an audience in the market.

Why On-site.

Pace – Move at the speed of the presenter, not technology. On-site services are quicker and more reliable.

Meet Expectations  – people expect to connect to the internet for social media and work. Cosneta Freestyle works in a different way, making efficient use of data so that it doesn’t clog up access and use all the available bandwidth. That will make your delegates happy and keep event costs down.

Better Learning – Freestyle is designed to encourage attendance, maximise concentration and enhance learning. People attend events to get the latest information and update their skills. Having them on-site minimises distraction and makes sure your presenters have their undivided attention.

 Two Parts

Freestyle comes in two parts:

  • Freestyle Liberate  

    – links all the devices and controls what delegates can or can’t do.

  • Freestyle Viewer  

    – the free app for mobile phones and tablets


Download our leaflet:  Freestyle for Modern Delegates

Freestyle Viewer

Available for Android devices (and soon for IOS), Freestyle viewer is the window to better presentations and content. Did you know that 50% of the information from presentations is actually from the images used on slides? With Freestyle Viewer audiences can be certain to see carefully crafted slides.

What it can do

Auto connect – Freestyle is intelligent software. All you have to do is tap connect and join in. Freestyle does the rest (To be really secure, you may be asked to type in a password too).

Zoom and view – zoom in and out to see things as you want.

Overlay – A see through screen that lets you see any document or application.

Annotate – Write, draw, mark-up, and  highlight.

Virtual Laser – When you want to draw attention to a particular area.

Tools – Change colour, pen type, line thickness, choice of shapes, whiteboard backgrounds.

Text – point on the screen and type.

Digital whiteboard – choose background colours and get creative to your hearts content.

Save – Snapshot or video the screen session.

Auto Save – Freestyle automatically saves everything on the screen whenever a page or slide is moved on.

What you will need

For best performance we recommend you use the 5GHz, n or ac for all connected devices.
Mobile SystemsAndroid Jelly Bean or higher
IOS 9.2.1 or higher
Wi-Fi2.4Ghz & 5Ghz
g,n & ac Wi-Fi standards

Freestyle Liberate

Freestyle Liberate is the brains of the operation and is the host for the meeting or presentation. It creates and controls the network of devices. Use tablets or PC’s to present directly to your audience. Control presentations, use a virtual laser pointer and interact directly with groups of people. Remote control a PC or show up and present from your own tablet or PC. Do things the way that suit you best.

COMING SOON: Instant feedback. Ask the question and get the feedback directly from your audience.

Download the leaflet: Freestyle for Event Planners

What it can do

Live stream – Share content and presentation to any number of devices.

Secure – Set a password or just let people connect and join.

View Devices – See all who have joined and exclude individual devices if necessary

Manage bandwidth – Wi-Fi routers are not created equal, this function allows you to increase or reduce the amount of bandwidth used.

Presentation control – Choose whether other devices can move slides back and forward on the presentation.

Mouse control – Decide whether other devices can have mouse control of your PC.

Lead Device – Create a lead device that can be used by the presenter with all the functionality of Freestyle Viewer including presentation controller, mouse controller and virtual laser.

What you will need

A windows based PC with windows 7 or above with the following minimum specification. Access and connection from your PC to a Wi-Fi router. An Apple Mac version is under development.

CPU1 GHz or above.
Disk Space43 MB or more.
Memory2 GB minimum.
Network ConnectivityLaptop & Wi-Fi required.
Wi-Fi2.4Ghz & 5Ghz (g,n & ac wi-fi standards)
Device broadcast capacityNumbers depend on licence purchased.


Interactive Whiteboards are great, but stuck in one place, complex and expensive to buy. Freerunner goes anywhere, connects wirelessly to a computer and takes only minutes to learn to use. It turns any display into a touch screen and you can use it in the air, on a desk or on the wall itself.

What it can do

Write, draw, highlight and markup – As easy as using a pen.

Works up to 40 meters from the PC – Handy when at the back of a room working with other people.

Saving – Save all your work as a single document.

Multiple users – Use multiple pens and Freestyle to mix it up for the ultimate team session.

Presenting – Freerunner can control presentations

Full control – Freerunner can be used as a mouse.

Learning – Freerunner is the ideal tool for teachers.

Freerunner multi is ideal for any meeting room or classroom. Want everyone to get creative and join in. Multiple Freerunner pens can be used at the same time.

Tell us what you think of Freerunner. Freerunner is a working prototype and if enough people commit to ordering, then we’ll take it into production.